Basilica of Our Mother of Mercy (Franciscan church)

The Basilica of Our Mother of Mercy in Maribor is one of the seven basilicas in Slovenia and the home church of the Maribor Franciscan Monastery. Today's church with its monastery was built from 1892 to 1900 and stands on the site of a former Capuchin church, which was built in the 17th century. The building was built in a pseudo-Romanesque style. The façade is adorned with two powerful 58-meter high towers, which culminate in a pointed roof and two 3-meter-high gilded crosses. The church has three entrances that are decorated with stone.

The most abundant are the main portal treated with a mosaic residing in the lunette that shows the Annunciation. The organ was built in 1900 by Maribor's organ master Jožef Brandl. The most beautiful and most precious ornament of the entire church is the main altar, made of 17 types of marble and adorned with a merciful image. The church is three-aisled, from its original painting the only part preserved is on the triumphal arch. The walls of the presbytery were decorated with frescoes in 1965 by academic painter Stane Kregar, who is also the author of three new stained glass windows. In the tomb of the church under the presbytery rests Maribor Counts Khiesel and Brandis, Brothers Capuchins, who helped people in time of the plague, Maribor bishops (among others in it rests the Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek) and the builder of the new church Father Kalist Heric. The tomb is now inaccessible.

Locals know this church as the Franciscan church because the church with its monastery was taken over by Franciscans in 1864 and they are still managing it today.