Središče Landscape Park

The landscape park, which stretches between Ormož and Središče ob Dravi, is very rich with different habitat types and extremely bio diversified; the experts and connoisseurs have counted 105 species of birds that nest, 15 amphibian species, 9 reptile species and many mammals, among which hamster and otter (two mammals endangered in Europe) are the most important. The gaily colours of over 30 species of dragonflies and hundreds of species of butterflies that fly around the even more colourful flowers of the waterside vegetation, give the park an extremely aesthetic value. So far, 43 species of fish have been listed in the Drava River, while in the subsidiary streams there still live crawfish and brook lamprey. In the cut-off meanders reside large pond snails and great rams horn, and several types of shellfish can be found. Drava with its tributaries and shores offers walking, fishing, riding and cycling, etc. This unspoilt world is filled with river branches and islands, cut-off meanders, gravel pits, and reeds. The greatest wealth of the river is its free flow and playfulness, as well as the continuous river dynamics, which constantly change the river route.