Ladejenkovo is the oldest house in Lovrenc, about 500 years old. It lies in the hamlet of Puša, which is one of the oldest hamlets in the area. This authentic farm house from the 15th century is almost entirely wooden, built from brushwood. The windows are square shaped, protected by Baroque forged nets. The house is covered with a mighty, steep, tuft-like, “šintlasta” roof. The smokehouse was preserved until the First World War. The floors are wooden. In 1991, the roof was restored with the help of the Institute for Natural and Cultural Heritage. In the museum part of the building, there is, since 2011, an exhibition dedicated to a special character from Lovrenc, Jakop Paulic - Sadonik, who was born in 1876 and died in 1948. He was a self-taught person, a pilgrim, a historian, a newspaper reporter and a great fan of books. The legacy consists mainly of German books and literature with religious content.