The summer theatre “Pod goroj”

The summer theatre “Pod goroj” is a unique outdoor theatre in Slovenia. It is an amphitheatre, very acoustic, with 800-1000 seats. It lies in the shade of mighty spruce at the foot of Pohorje, not far from the centre of Ruše. It was built in 1931 on the initiative of the local Vekoslav Janko, otherwise the Champion of the Ljubljana Opera. A year later, the first play was performed there - the folk play Wild Hunter by Finžgar.

The natural environment of the summer theatre is to this day almost untouched. The ravages of time really did not spare the weeping willow and some spruce, including the giant linden, the former symbol of folk games. However, the modest chapel and the “Prince’s Stone”, which in the years 1933 and 1938 represented the stage for the performance of Jurčič's Rokovnjači and Sket’s Miklova Zala, still remain. The summer theatre is revived every year at the end of August as the main scene - the main stage – for the Festival Summer Stage of Ruše (FLOR).