Maribor castle and Regional Museum of Maribor

One of the most remarkable architectonic monuments of our city grew exuberantly right in its centre: Maribor’s town castle is surrounded by the busy squares of Grajski trg, Trg svobode and Trg Generala Maistra. In the castle you can visit the Regional Museum of Maribor, which is home to many collections of great value that will certainly impress you!

The castle, which boasts several constructional and style periods, was been built by Emperor Friderik III between the years 1478 and 1483 for the purpose of fortifying the north eastern part of the town wall. The castle was in the course of time changed into a rich feudal residence.

Among the more important constructional achievements of the castle are:
- the Baroque stairway built between 1747 and 1759,
- the Loretto chapel on the south frontage, built between 1665 and 1675, and
- the Festive Hall on the 1st floor with its wonderful ceiling, painted by Jožef Gebler and its murals.