Maribor city park

Since 1976 Maribor city park, one of the most beautiful parks in Slovenia, has been protected as a landscape monument. Take a walk through the beautifully landscaped city park with the three ponds, aquarium and terrarium, and children playground or continue your way all to the top of Kalvarija, Mestni Vrh and Piramida hills. The three ponds are home to numerous water birds and to many kinds of fishes. The aquarium hosts as many as 120 species of freshwater and saltwater fishes. It is combined with a terrarium, where you can see over a hundred species of reptiles, as well as poisonous snakes, various amphibians, and insects.

Families with children appreciate the well-cared-for playground. Meeting a brave squirrel, which will come to collect an offered nut, will be an experience they will never forget. On summer Sundays you can listen to a concert in the pavilion in the centre of the park. At the beginning of summer the park transforms into a wonderful venue for the Lent Festival; some even consider it the most beautiful of the festival’s venues. The park is taken over by the Art Camp and the Adventure Park, which offer demonstrations and workshops of forgotten crafts and other creative outlets in addition to cultural events.