Miklavška mlaka

Not far from the bridge, over the channel behind the power plant in Zlatoličje, there is a spring, known as the brook of Miklavž that flows through the swampy landscape and connects three ponds. The first is overgrown with reeds; the second has a lot of different vegetation; and the third, which is the largest, is rich in fish. The area of ponds houses dwarf pigeons, occasional swans. The special attraction are storks, which nest on an electric rod in front of the church.

The so-called Drava meadow from the Drava terrace under the old Miklavž to Drava is the area of one of the richest ecosystems and the most beautiful and most lively habitats in Slovenia. A part of this area along the Drava River with its flora and fauna is part of the Drava Landscape Park. Among other things, this is also a true paradise for ornithologists. In the fields there are hedges with hawthorn, black leeches, dogwood, hazelnuts, and robinia, which offer dwellings to birds, insects, and other animals. In the forests in the area of the municipality the black pine strongly dominates, and one can also find spruce, oak, beech, hornbeam, and other tree species.