Ormož Wine Road

The wine-growing area along the Ormoš Wine Road extends in two branches. The first one begins in Ormož or on Dobrava and leads through Kogel and Strezetina to Runeče, and from there through Žvab to Pršetinci. The road then continues its way through Koračiški vrh, across Senik, Sodinski vrh and Drakšl to Velika Nedelja. This branch is about 30km long. The other branch of the Wine Road roams from Podgorci to Cvetkovski vrh and across the Bresnica Valley to Zamušanski vrh. It is about 10km long and connected to the Jerusalem Wine Road. On the Ormoška Wine Road we encounter outstanding natural beauties and rich ethnological and cultural-historical heritage. On the slopes of the hills there are still the quite old, wooden wine cellars covered with straw covered – ‘klečaj’.