Piramida hill

Take half an hour and ascend the 386-metre high town hill. From the spot, where once the Maribor castle used to stand, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the vines on the slopes and of the whole city. The noble Spanheim family built the castle at the beginning of the 12th century for protection against the Hungarians. The castle was in the border Drava march and it was after that the settlement, market town and town got the name Marchpurg or Marburg. In 1528 the castle burnt down, but was renovated in 1560 in a Renaissance style and then in 1790 finally pulled down. From the remains of the building materials a stone pyramid was built, which also gave the hill its name - Piramida. The only remains of the castle were a trench with a steep embankment and a well without a rim. At the top of the rampart stands a classicist chapel with a stone statue of Mary dating from 1821. The inscription on the memorial plaque inside the chapel testifies that in 1821 the lightening destroyed the original pyramid. Count Henrik Brandis had the chapel erected in memory of the location of the old castle.

The path, which rises above the city park along the southern slope of the hill, is abundant with grape vines. Descending you can choose another path or continue along the crest towards the west and turn your walk into a longer recreational march.