Pohorje mountain

The green Pohorje is situated in the far end of the Alps. It neighbours the playful wine-growing hills of Slovenske gorice and is linked by the Drava River to the valley of Dravsko polje. Pohorje represents an excellent link between city life and nature, culture and sport, all of which offer relaxation and provide a vibrant atmosphere throughout the year.

With the advantage of its pleasant climate, year-long distinctly beneficial temperatures and clean air, green Pohorje is a unique place for relaxation and adrenaline-filled recreation. You can take advantage of the many possibilities Pohorje has to offer for hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, horse riding, paragliding and other activities for active holidays surrounded by nature. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy Pohorje’s mountain sledding ground, adrenaline park, adrenaline sledding course and mountain bike downhill course.

Pohorje is a place where man and nature are co-creators of a mosaic of diverse experiences - explore Pohorje's primeval forest, Lovrenška, Črno and Ribniška peat moors with lakes, the mighty waterfalls of Veliki and Mali Šumik and clear Lobnica stream etc. We hope that exploring Pohorje will be a unique experience that you will want to repeat.

You can reach foot of Pohorje by bus No 6, by car or bike and then continue to the top on foot or by cable car.