Lobnica Stream and Šumik Waterfall

Lobnica Stream is one of the larger Pohorje streams. It rises under Klopni vrh near the Fala Lake. From the upper part of the river basin to the river mouth in the Drava River it descends more than 1000 m. Its slope is not steep at the beginning, but then greatly increases in the area where it flows through the primeval forest. There it creates numerous rapids and the Veliki Šumik and Mali Šumik Waterfalls.

Šumik Waterfall is located in the Lobnica Gorge in the protected Šumnik primeval forest. It is 24 meters high and is the largest waterfall on a non-carbonate (non-limy) base in Slovenia. As it is very wide and rich in water and extremely picturesque.

In the past (more than two hundred years ago) the Lobnica Valley was of great importance for the development of economic activity. It was the valley of sawmills and mills, with the Ruše or Lobnica water timber slide or “riža” and with developed glasswork and blacksmithing.