Ruins of the Castle of Mahrenberg

On the top of the rock or the hill of Kamen, one can see the preserved ruins of the former castle, mentioned in the Å entpavel Charter between 1193 and 1220 as "Castrum ad lapidem". The castle was the seat of the Marenberg noble estate. The settlement below the castle, previously called Radlje (villa Radela, 1161), was eventually named Mahrenberg, after the fortress. The castle was in the 15th century devastated by the Turks, repeatedly burned by lightning, destroyed in 1697, and never again rebuild. The lordship moved to the outskirts of the square, where they rebuilt the former castle estate into the so-called Lower castle, today known as the Mahrenberg or Radlje mansion. On the rocky cliffs above Radlje, only the ruins of the former castle that were restored in 2013 are preserved today.