Maribor synagogue

The Maribor synagogue is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Central Europe and one of the most important monuments of Jewish cultural heritage within the Slovenian territory. Around 600 years old religious center today serves as a centre for cultural activities and it offers visitors various events including exhibitions, concerts, literary evenings and round tables. The synagogue is located in the square Židovski trg in the former Jewish quarter near the Glavni trg square.

Maribor's synagogue was first mentioned in 1429, but for sure it was built earlier on. Occasionally it served as the seat of the supreme rabbinate for Štajerska, which concludes that there was a Jewish community here. In 1501 the synagogue was consecrated as Catholic Church and called All Saints. After 1785 it was turned into and used as warehouse. During the 19th century even more alterations were made, which considerably changed its appearance. The interior was rebuilt as two storeys – the upper into a residential area and the lower into a basement. In 2011 the Synagogue began operating as an independent public institution under the title Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor.