Slovene National Theatre Maribor

The Slovene National Theatre Maribor is situated in the old town centre, at the beautiful Slomškov trg square with the cathedral and park. You can look at the square and park from the theatre's coffeehouse, where you can sit and enjoy good coffee and have a nice chat in an agreeable atmosphere.

Enjoy pleasant evenings during the many cultural events that our theatre house offers, such as:
- Drama – indulge in Slovene and world classical plays and modern drama of different kinds and genre;
- Opera and ballet – performances of classical and modern, Slovene and international ballet repertoire will enchant you and
- Symphonic orchestra – along with playing for opera and ballet performances the Symphonic orchestra also holds regular concerts.

There are also several important theatre, music and other events taking place in our theatre, which enliven the cultural scene of our town – among those events the most important being the Borštnikovo srečanje, the biggest Slovene theatre festival!