The Old Vine, World's Oldest Vine, and The Old Vine House

In the heart of the old city centre on Lent, the oldest vine in the world still grows in front of the Old Vine House. The confirmed age of this Žametovka or Modra Kavčina vine is over 400 years, which won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes. The Old Vine is a symbol of the rich wine culture of Maribor, Styria, and all of Slovenia.

The House used to be a part of the city wall, and often witnessed furious fights between the defenders of the city, and invaders. In medieval times the House suffered from several fires, but the resilient Žametovka growing in front of it survived unscathed to the present day. It also made it through World War II bombing, which partially demolished the House.

In the Old Vine House, visitors can visit helpful tourist information centre, the wine shop and the room for wine tastings of premium wines from the Maribor wine sub region as well as a souvenir shop where they sell delicious Slovene chocolates.