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Project of Building a New Drava Cycling Route

The new DCR project predicts the arrangement of a cyclist-friendly cycling route, which is placed to the greatest extent possible into the vicinity of the Drava River. The project foresees the yield of all 25 kilometres of already built cycling routes, 64 kilometres takes place on rearranged field, forest and service routes. 40 km of the route is planned as new construction, and only 23 kilometres the Drava Cycling Route is planned along less busy local roads. The total length of the cycling route is approx. 150 km. The estimated cost of the construction of the cycling route is 15 million euros.

The final route of the new Drava Cycling Route could be different in some parts from the one shown in the video overflight.

In 2018, the DRSI Slovenian Infrastructure Agency commissioned the preparation of all missing project documentation for 12 sections. At the same time, construction of the cycling route began at the sections for which the project documentation is already prepared, in the municipalities of Muta, Radlje, Maribor and Ruše. In total, new sections of the cycling route of a length of approx. 10 km will be built in 2018.

The municipalities of Maribor, Miklavž na Dravskem polju, Starše, Hajdina and Ptuj are arranging approx. 20 km of new macadam roads along the Drava River for cyclists in 2018, which will be marked and put into use for cyclists on the Drava Cycling Route by the end of June. By 2019, we plan to set up new information boards along the cycling route and arrange new rest areas for cyclists that will have the same overall design on the entire route of the Drava Cycling Route.

It is planned that every year DRSI, in cooperation with municipalities, will regulate approx. 10-20 km of new sections of cycling routes.

Among the priority sections, is the Podvelka-Fala section, which is currently the most demanding for cyclists. The Drava Cycling Route as a separate cycling route would be completed between 2021 and 2023.


Complete closure | Dravograd - Trbonje

As part of the 1st stage of the Dravograd - Radlje cycling route, there is a complete road closure on the section between Bukovje Manor and Trbonje Bridge.

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Construction of a bicycle underpass

In Muta, the construction of a bicycle underpass started on the new section of the Drava cycle path. The investor is the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency. When the underpass is finished, the cyclists will be safely guided under the busy state road.

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Roadworks in Radlje ob Dravi

In the municipality of Radlje ob Dravi, between Zg. Vižinga and the Water park, the construction of the new 1,5 km long section of the Drava cycling route has begun, with the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency as the investor.

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Bridge construction in Ruše

The Municipality of Ruše concludes the construction of the largest bridging object on the Drava cycling route between Ruše and Bistrica ob Dravi. The cycling route on this section is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2019.

We are looking forward to it!

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Construction through the Ruše municipality continues

The Municipality of Ruše concludes the construction of the largest bridging object on the 6 km long Drava cycling route between Ruše and Limbuš, with the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency as the investor.

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Start of construction of a 1.5 km long section in the Municipality of Muta

In the municipality of Muta, in August 2018, the construction of a 1.5 km long section of the Drava Cycling Route between Spodnja Muta and Tuš and the connection to the Vuzenica bridge began. The main investor of the project is the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI).

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A new 900 m section of cycling route in Podvelka municipality

In cooperation with the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI), the Podvelka Municipality in August 2018 rearranged 900 m of separated paved cycling route in Brezno. This section is a new planned part of the Drava Cycling Route, which will take place directly along the Drava River.

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Variant through Starše

The Drava Cycling Route has a new, 30-kilometre long section between Maribor and Ptuj, which runs along the right river bank through Miklavž, Starše and Hajdino. The new stage is a more gradual and more traffic-friendly alternative to the existing section that leads through Malečnik and Duplek.

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