Published: 10. Sep 2019

Hrvaški del Dravske kolesarske poti

Opozarjamo, da je takoj za slovensko mejo, ko Dravska kolesarska pot pelje proti čudovitim peščenim sipinam, pot zelo groba in nasuta s prodom.

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Published: 03. Sep 2019

Joint advertising brochure of the Drava cycling route

We present you the joint advertising brochure for the entire 510 km of the marked Drava cycling route.


Published: 02. Sep 2019

The railway line through Carinthia (Koroška) open again

The Slovenian Railways report that the railway line through Carinthia (Koroška) on the section Vuhred – Vuzenica is open again.

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Published: 30. Aug 2019

Construction of a bicycle underpass

In Muta, the construction of a bicycle underpass started on the new section of the Drava cycle path. The investor is the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency. When the underpass is finished, the cyclists will be safely guided under the busy state road.

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Published: 20. Jun 2019

Roadworks in Radlje ob Dravi

In the municipality of Radlje ob Dravi, between Zg. Vižinga and the Water park, the construction of the new 1,5 km long section of the Drava cycling route has begun, with the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency as the investor.


Published: 13. Jun 2019

Detour in Ormož

Due to the construction of the Ormož border crossing, road closures at the border crossing are planned until September 20, 2019. Take note of the detour for motor vehicles.

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Published: 23. Apr 2019

Summer cycling train on the Koroška route

In 2019, the summer cycling train will drive twice a day on Saturdays between June 22 and August 31, as well as during the holidays on May 1 and 2, June 25 and August 15.

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Published: 12. Jul 2018

Variant through Starše

The Drava Cycling Route has a new, 30-kilometre long section between Maribor and Ptuj, which runs along the right river bank through Miklavž, Starše and Hajdino. The new stage is a more gradual and more traffic-friendly alternative to the existing section that leads through Malečnik and Duplek.


Radlje ob Dravi

Did you know?

The Drava River has a length of 710km, as does the Drava Cycling Route

Its length by countries: IT (10km), AT (290 km), SLO (145km), HR (265km)

From Toblach (IT) at 1214 m a.s.l., we drop to Osijek (HR) at 85m a.s.l.

In Slovenia and Croatia, it is suitable for trekking, mountain, and electric bicycles

The total distance of marked stages in Slovenia and Croatia is 208 km

The Drava River even has its own festival – Drava Festival www.dravafestival.si


1Dravograd–Radlje ob Dravi

Via Vuzenica 29 km


2Radlje ob Dravi–Maribor

45 km



Via Starše 30 km

Via Duplek 30 km



28 km



30 km



52 km

Drava Festival