Preskoči na glavno vsebino
Drava Bike

Dravograd - Radlje ob Dravi

Drava valley and its castles
Follow along the Drava River as it winds its way through the Drava valley and you will find several castles, each with its own hidden story. In the past rafters along the Drava valley drove timber (fose) and carriers loaded cargo in ports along the Drava River.

Radlje ob Dravi - Maribor

Relaxation by the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world
Following the Drava River into the bosom of Pohorje’s spruce forests, crossing the Fala hydroelectric power plant, the oldest hydroelectric power plant on the Drava River in this part of Europe, we arrive in Maribor, the city of the world’s oldest vine and European Capital of Culture 2012.

Maribor - Ptuj

Walking the paths of the ancient Romans
From Maribor, the route has two different paths to choose from. The ancient Romans left a rich heritage in this area, part of which is represented by shrines devoted to the god Mithras - Mithraeums. They left a strong mark in Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia.

Ptuj - Ormož

The Drava Plain and lakes
The Drava River flows across the Drava Plains in its natural form through several landscape parks. Immediately after Ptuj, Ptuj Lake is located, which is the largest artificial Slovenian lake on the Drava River.

Ormož - Varaždin

Following the path of history to a baroque city
From Ormož the path leads past fields, through villages to the settlement of Središče ob Dravi, the place between the Drava River and vineyards, after which we then enter Croatia. You will be enthralled by the beautiful Drava River sandbars along the way and, at the end, you will be riveted by the charming town of Varaždin.

Varaždin - Legrad

To the confluence of the Mura and Drava Rivers
From Varaždin on, the route follows partly along Lake Varaždin, then through the picturesque villages to Lake Dubrava. Our final stage ends at the confluence of two rivers when the Mura River flows into the Drava.