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Drava Bike
Bike Center Maribor
Bike Center Maribor
Bike Center Maribor
Bike Center Maribor
Bike Center Maribor
Bike Center Maribor

Bike Center Maribor

Bike Rental

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Transport of bikes and luggage

We have a bicycle trailer for up to 20 bicycles. At the same time, we can also carry luggage.

Shop and service

We are a bicycle store with a 18 year tradition. In our offer we have a lot of bicycles, equipment and spare parts. We also have our own bicycle repair service. More at:

Bike catering

Are you a hotel or a boarding house and you have a demand from bicycle groups? We look forward to helping you and bringing you the bikes. You do your part, and we take care of bicycles that are regularly maintained. We can bring up to 30 bikes at a time.

Bike Shuttle

Are you a group of cyclists who want to cycle from point "A" to point "B"? We will gladly transfer your (or our) bikes to the point "A". Thus, cycling tours can be even more interesting, because you can combine them with other activities (descent along the river Drava, ...)!

Custom cycling programs

In addition to well-established tourist programs in cooperation with spas, we would like to present to the guests less familiar corners in North-East Slovenia and providers offering exceptional adventure experiences. Program are designed for smaller groups and especially individuals, where guests can get on their way with the help of a roadbook and GPS files. We are happy to prepare your custom cycling experience.

Transfer Drava Cycling Route (1-8 persons + bicycles)

Maribor – Dravograd (Lavamünd): 50 € per person
Maribor – Toblach:129 € per person
Legrad – Maribor: 79 € per person
Varaždin – Toblach: 179 € per person

For additional information please contact us.

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