Preskoči na glavno vsebino
Drava Bike

Saturday bicycle train on the Koroška line (Koroška proga)

For the eighth year in a row, during the school holidays, a Saturday bicycle train will run along the Koroška line (Koroška proga) between Maribor and Pliberk.

It starts with rides on Saturday 15/6 and runs every Saturday until 24/8/2024, and for holidays 27/4, 1/5, 2/5, 25/6 and 15/8/2024.

The summer bicycle train is the result of good cooperation between Slovenian Railways, the Directorate of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, RRA Koroška and RRA Podravje - Maribor.

The main purpose of the summer cycling train is to encourage tourist connections along the Drava cycling route - Drava Bike.

You can also combine cycling along the Drava cycle path with cycling through Štrekna, where the Štrekna bus connection is available.

The prices for transporting bicycles are uniform and do not depend on the distance. The price of transporting a bicycle is EUR 1.50, and the price of transporting an electric bicycle is EUR 3.00.

Check the timetable for other routes along the Drava cycling route - Drava Bike.