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Center mobilnosti Maribor

Center mobilnosti Maribor

Offer for cyclists

Kolesodvor - secure bicycle storage

Kolesodvor is a secured bicycle shed at the main railway station in Maribor. It is intended for cyclists who regularly or occasionally travel by train or bus. Access is possible with a magnetic card, which you can get for EUR 15.00 at the info point of our center during office hours.

Bike rental

We offer city, trekking and mountain bike rentals. All bikes are technically flawless and regularly maintained. Price: 1 day: EUR 10.00; 1 week: EUR 40.00 and deposit: EUR 50.00.

Bicycle service

A bicycle service is also available within the mobility center.

E-charging station

The charging station is intended for charging electric bicycles, scooters and wheelchairs. You can also charge your phone via USB cable. The charging station operates 24 hours a day.

We also offer the sale of recycled and custom bikes to order.

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