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In the north-eastern part of Slovenia, in the centre of the Drava Field, on the right bank of the Drava River, sprawls a nature-friendly and welcoming area of Starše. A part of the area lies on Drava terraces, while a part lies low on the flatlands along the Drava River. Here are Natura 2000 and a part of the Drava Regional Park, where the old riverbed of the Drava River, with its side meanders and meander cutoffs, flooded forests and meadows, provides a habitat for 250 species of birds – of which 38 are important European species – with the most important winter habitat for water birds and nesting grounds for some of the most endangered species in Slovenia (European honey buzzard, common tern, common kingfisher), and habitats for rare pioneer species of common sea buckthorn.

The municipality of Starše is rich in cultural and historical heritage, as evidenced by many well preserved churches, chapels, tombs, and sacral monuments. Modern tourists have many options for a more active vacation, from rich cultural, sports, and recreational to culinary opportunities.

Natural heritage

​Drava Landscape Park

Drava Landscape Park comprises an area along the river Drava, which runs between the cities of Maribor and Ptuj. It has been created over the centuries due to floods. Throughout history, since the Ice Age, the river has marked the landscape with enormous deposits of gravel. As Drava regularly flooded, a varied and interesting living space was created. Regular flooding has fertilized the surrounding forests and meadows and raised the level of the groundwater. The Drava Landscape Park is formed by river banks and terraces, a large number of gravel bays, flooded forests, and marshy meadows. Also valuable in this area are meadows, which are flooded during the rainy days. The farmers used to wash gold in the river, dealt with rafting and other crafts. The Ptuj Lake alone is a winter haven for up to 25,000 birds, which is why Drava is one of the ornithologically important areas. Many of these birds are rare and endangered. Due to its flora, fauna and animal environment, the landscape park area is classified in the European network of protected areas of Natura 2000, which aims to preserve the biodiversity by protecting the natural habitats of the endangered animals and plant species that are of relevance for the European Union.

Cultural heritage

Cultural and historical heritage

The Municipality Starše is rich also in cultural and historical heritage, as evidenced by many beautifully preserved churches, chapels, tombs, and sacral monuments. Modern tourists are offered a wide range of possibilities for active holidays, from a varied cultural, sports and recreational to gastronomic offer.

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